Golden Tools

My yellow piece which
Brings me comfort and ease
My gifted paper of hour, why
Do you sometimes taste so sour

Why at times I witness love in you
And why at times it is hate I view
Is it your color or shape, that
Wants my heart to escape

One friend has a family which is glad
And he is very proud to be a Dad,
One friend has a rope in his hands
And an active lacrimal gland

A knife for a chef or a knife for a killer
Both can profit and become a winner
One thing to say before we get cold
Is that you alone are not the goal


My hands grasp warmth today
While seeing shinning blue circles
With air that knows the way
Even sounds start to listen

Wishing for this to never end
My heartstrings love, but then
Become chains only that suspend
Energy that makes rhythms fasten

And I cease to move up
The high stairs of ‘chieving
Because I am now completely stuck
Since I think I am never enough

Thus I always wish for more and
Keep on being an empty shelf, as
The love I feel for this warmth is
Love I wish I’d have for myself

Perpetual Tower

The climb to the roof of mania
Blesses fools with gift of wealth
In exchange for young health and
The withering tree of Olivia

Sword and armor remain to
The walls covered by mud
With traces of torture and blood
From those seeking primal gain

While giants grapple the clouds
And bricks shatter and fall down
Onto those bellow that drown as
The hills of fresh bone get loud

Seekers of the peak are crowned
But never reach the summit since
Claws under make them plummet
History of you will never be found

Dead Star

As the day waves goodbye
The sky takes off our sunglasses
And life envelopes our eyes
With a bright wisdom dye

Telling stories to our vision
Planets, moons and stars
Some even dancing in collision
Making the dark sky full of derision

But life is only here on earth
The sky we see is unfeeling
It is all dead and has no birth
Even mother sun is inert

Yet we close our eyes in bed
We hibernate as though demised
Are we not like the stars being dead
Is the sky not alive as the waking head

The Road To Peace

Bright LEDs turn to dim candles
And walls turn to trees
Asphalt turns to grass
And you sense the summer breeze

Our sovereignty is gone
We can’t command the flowers
Nothing listens here
Even when screaming louder

We passed Borough High Street
And wanderers kept asking favors
Yet here I can’t offer
These dogs to eat papers

First time in winter months
I felt my scarred skin go cold
In the warmest dwelling room
At last I am home


Coffee is bitter when you drink a litre
Balance is heavy when you can’t stand steady
Green leaves are gone when you aren’t ready
While trembling laughs at your knees

Where has the amenity of bubble gone
In which there is no cursed ditch
Enrich your mind with a luminous glitch
So bright even the sun can’t challenge

Candles blow and stars count and fall
To grab a leash or collar for the bother
Then the pit opens up and you get stuck
Out of luck you hold your own muck

The more you fall the more you call
To the aid that makes you crawl
Notice the red flower and red dripping hour
It is not sour because you lost your power


The sea parts with force
Against it’s own nature
Like the place of my own warmth
Splits away from those in cold

Whom shall not be forsaken
But left to sprout on their own
To grow from the cold ground
Into the luminous sky

Then shall your blood flow
From the forge, the hearth
Burning the strings that hold you
Making you take no footsteps

While more strings with hooks
Will want you to halt and slow
You will not churn in cold fear
You’ll be a fireside seer

Youth Till Death

In the total high light
Of the growth of your great might
No shadows strike you yet
Until you fall down in cold sweat

Deeds are witnessed in plain sight
Then comes the end for time of delight
Time to descend and compose
Below the stems of the rose

Run away and drag the anchor
Or turn back and use the anger
To live bright in the dark cave
Which we all built and behave’d

We write philosophy on thy efforts
How resisting it is to be the wrecker
State your voice and name
As all end in the same dark plain

Where Power Comes

My luggage full of air
While my heart living on despair
I have these shoes with illness
But no more will to bear witness

I use my strength to search power
In all ideas that my mind showers
But at end it doesn’t shine
All it seems is short term wine

Then at that, when luxury is lost
As I scrabble not to frost
I find it there, the true invention
From the same blood engine

The force that gave me power
To search for itself by the hour
It is you my meal from earth
From the place that gave me birth

It’s not for pain

Friend it’s time to lose it
To calmly make a new slit
They just act like actors,
But you’re the one that matters!

Clench that, swing bat
Go fast, bring the black rat
Spread the bottled anger
And deepen the heavy anchor!

No, never shall I harm
Never will I raise my arm
My inner deep desire
Is to keep the heart fire

Ah yes, use the fire to burn!
To ash all in an urn!
Hush you mental acid rain
I will silence you with pain

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